A fine example of Gloss Lamination at its best

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OldBuckSchoolWe have just produced this elegant little leaflet, designed by Newmarket-based marketing company, Dowie + Co.

The 6pp booklet is printed on 300gsm satin stock with a gloss lamination, printed and finished in house at Kingfisher Press.  The stylish design portrays the idyllic setting of the School while the gloss laminate enhances the beautiful images in the leaflet.

Would you like samples of gloss lamination? Or maybe matt or soft touch lamination?

Drop us a line now and we will get samples out to you.

Magnecote – Magnet Print – Die Cut – Laminate

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Magnetcote is a fabulous magnetic material used for magnets and charts of all kinds.

Its  a great material to work with, we have produced several jobs using this versatile stock, samples of which are available.

It can be die-cut into any shape and is available in 2 different weights.

If you would like samples please contact us and we will post them to you via snail mail.

Click here to view our website for further info.

Check out this bunch clinging to the radiator in the office.!!



EZYLOADER HeadCollar Header Card in Pantone

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EZYLOADER – Head Collar Header Card

We have recently produced this header card for EZYLOADER. The card was produced on a 350gsm board using a Pantone Silver and Pantone Blue to keep the branding and colour consistent. The board was then laminated to enhance the colour contrast and for durability.

We a produce a wide range of header cards for all types of products including Pet Beds, Carpets, Mats and Equine Products.

Interested in the EZYLOADER? Click here  to find out more.

If you would like more information on our range of packaging and point of sale print visit our website or click here to email us for samples.




Calendars – the ideal way to consistently keep your name in front of clients

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Small_CalendarCalendars – Print Project Solutions

We have produced this lovely corporate calendar for a client which goes in a little box also produced by Kingfisher Press.  The calendar is wiro bound and sits just inside the box making it a beautiful presentation to a client.

Kingfisher Press produce a wide range of calendars for corporate clients, charities and groups. They range from the standard wiro bound calendar, to desk calendars, pop up calendars and all kinds in all sizes.

Calendars are an ideal opportunity to keep your corporate name in front of you client every month – even every day.

Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with a solution. Email us now with your challenge.




Printed Boxes and Cartons – what do you need!

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We love printing Boxes and Cartons !

Our press can print on board up to 0.8mm thick meaning we can print boxes and cartons for a wide range of products.  We can print boxes to go in boxes – display stands – for whatever you like to put in your box !!

We have printed boxes for plates, balls, beds, socks, chocolates, thermometers, seeds, boxes with crash-lock, press lock, tuck in or tapered tops. What ever you are after give us a call.

Our wide format digital press can also print short run colour boxes on board and plastics for prototypes or samples – need something for a presentation, want to showcase your design or blow away the competition with a real life sample of your uniquely designed packaging?

Let us know what you need and we’ll come up with a solution. Email us now with your challenge.




Carbon Balanced Paper and Print from Kingfisher Press.

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Why would you not Carbon Balance your print?Carbon Balanced Publication Printer Certificate - FINAL

  • Most of the time there is little or no cost involved to the end user
  • It supports and promotes green and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, carbon management programmes and sustainability
  • It adds value to your offering to your clients and yet often costs you nothing
  • You receive a certificate at the end of the year showing the Carbon Saved and Land Preserved – great for PR and Marketing
  • You don’t have to do anything – just tell us you want your project carbon balanced – we will do the rest
  • You help the World Land Trust preserve endangered habitats

Carbon Balancing – what is it?

Carbon offsetting (balancing) is a process whereby an individual or company takes action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, or secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, of an amount that matches or exceeds their own unavoidable emissions. Source WLT Website 2013.

Carbon balanced paper is where the carbon impact of a paper product has been estimated and balanced. In using a balanced paper you will be helping the World Land Trust preserve endangered rainforests and habitats.

As a Carbon Balanced Publication printer we have mapped our operational carbon footprint to defined boundaries and it has been verified by the ECCM and we have offset these impacts with the World Land Trust allowing us to Carbon Balance the entire project, not just the paper. Click here to view the Kingfisher Case Study.

What’s the benefit?

The value is in handing your client a certificate at the end of the year that states in using, for example,  revive 100 (which is 100% recycled stock) for their printed projects throughout the year, they could have saved XX kgs of carbon and helped the World Land Trust preserve XX square metres of endangered rainforest.

We provide a certificate which can be used for PR and Marketing, blogging, tweeting and websites. Its a fabulous way to promote and support green and CSR policies and in most cases it costs you and your client virtually nothing!

Kingfisher Press will register the job for you, provide a logo for you to use if you wish, and provide the facts and figures for your PR along with a certificate at the end of year.

Contact us now for more information.

Printed Plaques & Acrylic Blocks, Tiles, Mirrors and loads more……

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We print plaques and acrylic blocks here at Kingfisher XL. Whether you want a one off picture as a gift or a plaque for a recently won award. Maybe a plaque for your entrance or reception?

How about a printed slate property sign for your home or Business?

Or personalised tiles – in your washroom?











We can print on anything up to 100mm thick and relatively flat making glass, ceramics, acyrlics and mirrors ideal bases for print.

And – Dont forget we can print on wood including doors and tables tops as well !!canvas1Wood_smaller



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