Boxes and Cartons, any shape, any size !!

Carton and Box Printer Suffolk

We love making your product boxes and cartons with our digital and litho presses and we love knowing your products are being placed inside a
high-quality carton to display it in.

With a quality range of printing presses we can produce a long and short run cartons and boxes to suit your needs.

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 we can provide you with a one-stop printing solution.

Our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 can print on up to 0.8mm thick stock meaning we can print boxes and carton packaging for a huge selection of products.

Whether you sell confectionery, clothing, puzzles, games or even for marketing options we can make your items safe and secure in the perfect box.

With in-house lamination to achieve finishing touches such as matt and gloss effects we can offer a fast turnaround on print and finishing.

We can add window cellophane patches, lock tight box lids, shallow lock, pillow packs, six sided cartons in fact whatever you need and however you want to package your product we will have the solution you need!

Our wide format printer Jetrix printer can produce short run colour boxes on board and plastics for prototypes as well as our big banners and stands for exhibitions and events! The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to hear what you need! Get in contact to discuss your requirements.

So really – we can do it all!

Just call us and let us know how you visualise your end product being packaged and we’ll guide you with the most cost effective options.

Call us now to find out how we can help you.

Magnecote – magnetic material for a variety of uses!

Copy of Van_Magno_hand2

Magnecote is a fabulous magnetic material that can be applied to any magnetic surface such as fridges, whiteboards, class rooms or in offices. The material is perfect for any reusable material that you want to change up regularly and means you make no marks on surfaces or need extra adhesive.

It can be die-cut into any shape and is available in 2 different weights. It’s great for bold colourful prints too so an ideal education material.

Handy for those notice boards that require moveable sections, you can add and remove magnetic labels to show progress, problems or solutions using an easy to read visual aid.

It’s great for re-occurring promotions that require removable posters and announcements and can be used time and time again. Unlike labels, the magnetic action never loses its ability to stick to a metal surface and can be applied and removed as many times as you wish.

If you would like samples please contact us or click here to view our website for further info.

Print BIG with Kingfisher Press


The Jetrix printer is a big deal at Kingfisher XL, its what makes the XL in printing! It creates our large format prints on pretty much any material. The Jetrix can print on almost anything as long as its less than 100mm thick and relatively flat. It prints wallpaper, floor tiles, banners, posters and boards. It can print on doors, beds and glass.

This printer can perform unique prints by making items like ceramics and tiles for kitchens and bathrooms with any print of your choosing. Brighten up your bathroom, kitchen or office with a unique design designed by you.

Just let us know what you want your print for and we will use our expert knowledge to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.

We also can make BIG banners and work to make you stand out in any environment.

With a wide variety substrates, we have can print up to 3 x 1.5 metres for indoor or outdoor conditions so next time you want to make a big impression, choose Kingfisher Press for your wide format print!

Check out to find out more.


Our print just loves the outdoor life!


Summer is here at last, its show season and its time to get outside to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

Think big for all your outdoor displays or get your resources ready for your next show or event that is calling for new signage and promotion!

Dibond is a light but very rigid aluminium material that has a polyethene core and has a thickness of 0.3mm. It loves to stand outside shouting out loud your message for all to here.

The aluminium is ideal for big prints due to its super-polyester lacquer for the screen printer as well as digital printing. It has UV resistance which makes it an ideal outdoor material and keeps fading of your print at bay.

Not only does it have UV resistance but it can withstand temperatures of -50 to 80C and minor thermal expansion. It’s the ideal material for ANY condition and would be perfect for those high exposure spots you want to cover.

Or what about rigid foam board – its durable and loves being left outside to soak up the fresh air.  Its available in a range of colours and sizes and even in re-cycled stocks

Consider Dibond or foamex for your next outdoor adventure to get that exclusive high wear and resistant material. Find out more at

Help the environment with Carbon Balanced Print

Carbon Balanced Cert 15-16


As Official printers to the World Land Trust we are delighted to donate the cost of printing a selection of WLT publications throughout the year.

Kingfisher Press Ltd is also one of only 12 Carbon Balanced Publication Printers in the UK. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates commitment to the environment by assessing and calculating the corporate carbon footprint. The resultant carbon emissions are carbon balanced (offset) by the World Land Trust by preserving endangered tropical forests that would otherwise be removed.

Kingfisher Press are minimising their impact on the environment in other areas too and are currently working towards full ISO 14001 accreditation to be completed in July 2016 which ensures organisations comply to the relevant environmental rules and regulations and minimize negative environmental impact.

So why would you not Carbon Balance your print?

  • Most of the time there is little or no cost involved to the end user
  • It supports and promotes green and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, carbon management programmes and sustainability
  • It adds value to your offering to your clients and yet often costs you nothing
  • You receive a certificate at the end of the year showing the Carbon Saved and Land Preserved – great for PR and Marketing
  • You don’t have to do anything – just tell us you want your project carbon balanced – we will do the rest
  • You help the World Land Trust preserve endangered habitats

Carbon Balancing – what is it?

Carbon offsetting (balancing) is a process whereby an individual or company takes action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, or secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, of an amount that matches or exceeds their own unavoidable emissions.
WLT Website 2013.

Carbon balanced paper is where the carbon impact of a paper product has been estimated and balanced. In using a balanced paper you will be helping the World Land Trust preserve endangered rainforests and habitats.

What are the benefits?

You can hand your client a certificate at the end of the year that states in using, for example,   Cocoon for their printed projects throughout the year, they could have saved XX kgs of carbon and helped the World Land Trust preserve XX square metres of endangered rainforest.

We provide a certificate which can be used for PR and Marketing, blogging, tweeting and websites. It’s a fabulous way to promote and support green and CSR policies and in most cases it costs you and your client virtually nothing!

Kingfisher Press will register the job for you, provide a logo for you to use if you wish, and provide the facts and figures for your PR along with a certificate at the end of year.

Contact us now for further information.