Highlight your product with Foil Block Prints


Foil block printing is perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your prints. It is a lovely way to get an enhancement on the print which when it catches the light adds a rainbow prism effect to your print. It truly enhances the quality of your print, be it a brochure, marketing materials, catalogues or promotional products.

Diffused Silver Foil Blocking

Here at Kingfisher we love using foil block printing, the picture above shows the effect but we have to say, it does look even better in real light. The above picture is of our silver foil block! Doesn’t it just add the most unique touch? It works perfectly for a different variation of logos or corporate messages.

There are a few variations of colours, silver and gold are our usual colours but we also include red, green, purple and pink. There is also holographic and 3D effects which make this an even more interesting print!

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BIG banners with XL Print!


It’s that time of year where our XL team are excited for the big prints that summer is about to throw at them! With markets, exhibitions, outdoor events and fun family events, it’s the perfect time to go big!


Our roll fed Mimaki machine allows us to impress you on the scale of our prints. We can print on almost any length with up to 50 metres without a join and 1.34 metres wide. So you’re sure to catch the eye of your awaiting punters! We offer eyelets and accessories to assist the construction of your banners in order to easily put up and take down!

Banners are ideal for all events and we can provide the A-Frames to ensure you can use them indoors or outdoors!


If you are interested in getting your banners printed BIG with us, contact us now.

DRIP OFF, the economical choice.


Economical choices as a printer is a vital part of our everyday choices. We are always looking for ways to become more ‘green’ and as part of that, we’ve found a luxury alternative to Spot UV finishes.

Whilst Spot UV is a great option for shiny finishes and unique touches in specific points of a print, Drip Off, provides a cost effective, water-based alternative. It creates a visually similar effect to the prints but is not as expensive or chemically involved as Spot.

It is the perfect alternative especially for large runs that require a matt gloss or effect and adds a special touch. Whilst we recommend Spot UV for shorter runs to really impress, Drip Off provides the similar effect at a lower cost! Perfect for big meetings or exhibitions!



Brochure Printing with Kingfisher Press


As customers, a brochure is often the one item you take away to ponder over an important choice or idea. Without them, when leaving a shop or showroom, you can forget the important details of products and it can leave you forgetting about a product. We know this is not what a business wants! You want to be memorable. At Kingfisher

At Kingfisher press we’re able to create your product with that idea in mind, we can create your brochure to fit your exact specifications and ideas to create a brochure that says who you are and what you have to offer.


Earlier this year we created used a unique paper called X-Per. This paper creates the illusion and look of translucent paper but has the texture and feel of uncoated paper. It remains bright and sharp imagery on it which provides an aesthetically pleasing experience to feel as a product and use as a customer.

X-Per provides a premium product print and if you’re showcasing a premium product in your marketing materials, then this is the way to reflect your ethos.

We create brochures for all occasions, we’ve even provided for the World Land Trust as part of their exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show, the perfect item to provide more information on the brand as visitors look round at the event.

We also produce notebooks, flyers, posters and banners so whatever your printing needs, contact us now for samples and we will help advise on your ideas!

Canvas Prints to showcase your art!


Canvases really show artwork in great detail which is perfect if you want to showcase photographs or a family picture you’ve always longed to hang in the hallway. Canvases show a professional touch in offices and showrooms to give a nice and warming touch to the wall decor.

canvas printing uk suffolk printers bury st edmunds kingfisher press xl large canvas any size requirements

We can have large 1.5m x 3m canvases on industrial scales which are created by the XL team and they can make images work to such huge scales with no compromise on the image!

We can also make your image go across multiple canvases such as the one above to create a unique look and display! No matter the sizes or specifications we’re always keen to try new ideas and see beautiful photos and work come to life!

Our XL team not only create canvases but big images and prints! We can print up to 1.5m x 3m so we can do things on an industrial scale, outdoors or indoors!

Contact us now to tell us your requirements!