Join the commemoration for WW1 with the Woodland Trust

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The Woodland Trust are good friend’s of ours here at Kingfisher and we recently worked on their WW1 commemoration signs. These signs were printed on wood to create a rustic and realistic look for their campaign. Not only are they great for the theme, they are durable and work well for the location and situation.


WW1 commemoration woodland trust kingfisher press charitable printing suffolk drip off litho


The campaign the Woodland Trust are working on involves the 100 year anniversary of the war and the initiative to plant more than a million trees to create four new Centenary woods across the UK.

The project will showcase the part women had to play in the war with a special stand at the Women’s Institute Centennial Fair. The WI was developed during the first world war so the most fitting tribute too. The Fair will be held during the 3-6 September and is the peak of the celebration of 100 years of inspiring women.

The event will feature a host of seminars and guest speakers, including BBC journalist Kate Adie. Kate is also championing our own First World War project in creating beautiful native woodland as a living legacy.

To find out more visit the Woodland trust website and visit our website or contact us to find out more about our wood printing possibilities.

Go BIG at your next display or event!

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Show your brand off and all that you have to offer with an exhibition display to impress. Here at Kingfisher XL we can create banners, boxes, pop up’s and displays to show your brand off.

There’s not much we can’t do here at Kingfisher and we like a challenge! If you need a specific size or display for your exhibition or event we are ready for your request.Pump Street bakery

Suffolk bakers, Pump Street Bakery who were named BBC’s Best Food Producer of 2012, had these pop up’s signs made ready for their exhibition when on tour showing off their incredible baked goods and treats.

You can even see the large scale of our banners created for us here at Kingfisher in an A Frame which comes supplied with your BIG print! So if you want to show your brand indoors or outdoors we can supply it all!kingfisher-press_28

You can find out more about printing your displays and advertisements by getting in contact with us now.

Maintaining a sustainable print

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Here at Kingfisher we understand that green issues are a huge consideration for many of our customers and we want to support the environment as much as we can with our products. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and take opportunities to be aware of our emissions and carbon footprint. We are FSC accredited which means we are dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s rainforests.kingfisher press printing company kingfisher green policy

Not only are we accredited but we make sure we take correct steps to promote sustainability within our products. We use vegetable based inks and we make sure all our waste including paper, aluminium and chemicals are collected by accredited disposal contractors. We have low energy lighting and power down policies on the evenings and weekends which ensures we aren’t wasteful during off-peak times.

Our products are printed where possible on energy efficient machinery and we work to ensure that our future equipment will take in considerations of holding low alcohol, chemistry and efficiency.

If you would like to know more about our work towards helping the environment visit our Environment page now.


Endless possibilities with Polyart

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Here at Kingfisher we like to provide a solution to all requests, and with Polyart paper we are able to create a range of materials and products due to the nature of this unique synthetic paper.  Polyart ensures that imagery and text is rich and vivid without extra preparation. polyart printing kingfisher

Polyart’s durable, tear, water and grease resistance allows this to be a versatile material for innovative ideas and projects. It has a smooth coat and finish with good opacity, it can be die cut and laminated to create your specific needs.

Just to name a few items that Polyart provides ranges from luggage tags, clothing labels, cookery books, maps, journals and games. The possibilities are vast and endless!

One of our customers, Ben Searle at Cycling Guides wanted to produce a guide for the Forest of the Dean. He found that Polyart was the best material for his product as it created a waterproof resistance perfect for use in the forest and adventures but also worked in the folding machine.

If you would like a sample of Polyart or would like to print with the material contact us now.


Sponsorship boards for golf and football

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We’ve produced a range of signs and boards for several local charity events.

For Golf, Footgolf and Football, all printed on durable weather proof material ready to advertise and promote sponsors and charities at local events.

If you are looking for economical ways to say thank you to your sponsors then check out our sponsorship signs.


Soft Touch Lamination – for a silky smooth finish!

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Have you felt soft touch lamination?softtouch

It feels silky smooth to the touch and gives any brochure, catalogue or postcard a luxurious and high quality feel.

Soft touch lamination suits up-market packaging to give that special opulent finish.

If you would like samples of our soft touch lamination then contact us now on 01284 748210 or visit our website for more information on Kingfisher Press Ltd.

Outdoor signage for all activities and events !

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Looking for outdoor banners, boards or signs?

We can produce BIG and small, tall and wide – banners or boards.

Banners up to 50 metres long, boards 1.5 x 3 metres! Shout your message loud and clear!

Just tell us what you want your sign for and we will advise you on the best material to use.

Check out our website now for more information.


Wooden sign printing on sign kingfisher press go ape


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