Jetpress Forum with FujiFilm at Print Week Live


We had a great day yesterday at Print Week Live at the Wasps Arena in Coventry.

Our MD, Paul Tomlin, along with 2 other UK printers, held an informative questions and answers panel yesterday regarding the new next generation digital printing press supplied by FujiFilm  – the Jetpress 720S.

The forum was very well attended with all seats taken at the event and proved to be an informative event for anyone interested in the new machine.

Questions ranged from what led you to consider and purchase this new technology to what it can do to increase sales and help you enter new markets. It’s always great for business owners to get feedback from others in their shoes and invaluable that print business owners had the chance to ask questions from printers using this new technology about how it fits with current equipment and what new opportunities it offers.

We feel at Kingfisher Press that the Jetpress 720S is the next generation of print offering short run high definition digital print. It’s a masterpiece of engineering giving Kingfisher Press the opportunity to offer high quality digital print – a print solution we haven’t been able to offer clients previously.

As the The JetPress 720S is B2 and can print with accuracy both sides it almost mimicks the litho press but it has some extra features that make short run digital print an attractive option. Its personalisation skills are extensive – it can personalise your print, both sides with accuracy so you can produce direct mail personalised both sides and then finished the same as litho work.

Want to find out more about the JetPress 720S at Kingfisher Press? Keep an eye on our blogs for our open days showcasing just what the Jetpress can do.

Our Jetpress 720S digital print press has arrived!

jetpress hig quality digital print


Its arrived!!

Our new Jetpress 720S commercial inkjet digital press is here. The engineers are busy piecing everything together with infinite precision to ensure its all ready to run in two weeks time!Jetpress 720s install, suffolk printer

This beauty of engineering will produce efficient short run colour print – we just send a PDF and off it goes.

No plates, no processor, no make readies and no waste. The sheets can be handled immediately making for a fast turnaround for those all important tight deadlines!

As it’s B2 it we can utilise all our finishing equipment to give your projects that enhanced look including stitching, folding and laminating with a variety of applications.jetpress 720s digital printer suffolk

The JetPress 720S takes digital printing to the next level with enhanced ‘max gamut’ technology in high definition digital print. It gives outstanding image quality with vibrancy and accuracy.

Another string to this quality digital printing technology is its data handling. It can personalise your project on either side. Using an enhanced bar coding system allowing the sheets to be turned and printed on the other side with whatever you wish; ensuring both personalised sides are matching.img_5637

In short, this new era of short run digital print will give you personalised, high definition B2 quality digital print at the press of a button!

We cant wait for our new machine to be up and running so we can show you just what it can do!

Tabbed brochures Printed here at Kingfisher Press

Tabbed Brochure print with Kingfisher Press Printer Suffolk

We have just produced this fabulous tabbed brochure for Xplore Language. The brochure features language camps throughout the world and to make it easier for the reader to find which countries are available, each section is tabbed from the front cover.

It’s always difficult to tab stitched or stapled booklets but this is something we do on regular basis, planning ahead is critical to ensure pages and the tabs are the right size and width and end up in exactly the right place!

The booklet is printed on FSC 100% recycled stock to meet environmental credentials which also gives it a very practical feel.

Are you looking to reprint your brochures in 2017? We produce a wide range of brochures and catalogues involving all kinds of print and finishing techniques.

Contact us more to find out what we can do here at Kingfisher Press.’

New Kit at Kingfisher Press – Jetpress High Definition Digital Print

jetpress hig quality digital print

We are really excited to announce that in March 2017 we will have a new printing press at Kingfisher Press!! The Jet Press 720S, Fujifilm’s high-quality B2 format inkjet digital press will be ready to rock at Kingfisher from mid March.

In simple terms the Jetpress means we can provide fast and efficient high quality personalised digital print. It’s has the latest in Ultra High Definition print processes and is a sound investment for Kingfisher Press going forward.

“We’ve been looking closely at the advances in digital printing technology for some time,” says one of the company’s co-directors Jon Doidge. “But until now we hadn’t seen a platform that we felt offered quality at a level that justified the cost of investment. That’s all changed with the Jet Press 720S, which we think is about to blow away its closest competitors.”

Following a visit to drupa 2016 and then to Belgium to see the machine in action we were very impressed with its capabilities. It can do big print or small print – and when we say small we mean really small – like 1.5pt text for security only readable with a magnifying glass and it can personalise whatever you want to personalise and as many times as you want on your document. Its also B2 – many digital presses are smaller – giving us the advantage on fast colour personalised print!

If you want to see the machine in action check out this video – we just know that you will have work which is suitable for this beautiful piece of engineering.

“Until now we just haven’t had the capability to compete for short run, high quality work – and given current trends this sort of work is going to become an increasingly large part of the overall marketplace. Run lengths will keep coming down as people don’t want their money tied up in stock and they like the flexibility of being able to make modifications and amends between runs. Then there’s the benefit of personalisation – another major string to our bow that the Jet Press will provide.

Because the Jetpress is a precious piece of kit we’ve let it have our offices and we will move into a new purposely built office which is currently being completed. It gives us the opportunity to redecorate our offices with some wonderful wide-format print and get air conditioning – at last !!!!!

See us in PrintWeek.

Impressive Dibond Outdoor Signage


Looking for advertising boards for your outdoor arena, pitch or courts? We produce a wide range of signs and banners for indoor and outdoor sporting events, warning signs or directions on a range of materials.


Just let us know what you want to say and where you want to say it and we will advise you on the best material for the job to ensure you get what you want, where you want.

Contact us now for more information.