Looking for Sponsorship boards or banners?

Golf sign, sponsorship board

Are you looking for promotional items for your sports club or event. Our wideformat kit can provide a huge range of banners, boards, posters and all kinds!

We’ve produced a wide range of signs and boards for several local charity events.

For Golf, Footgolf and Football, all printed on durable weather proof material ready to advertise and promote sponsors and charities at local events.

We can provide banners, boards and posters for inside or outside, just let us know what you need it for and we’ll advise on the best material for you.

If you are looking for economical ways to say thank you to your sponsors then check out our sponsorship signs,

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Mailer carton box printing


Sometimes, being able to set yourself out from the crowd, can win you customers. And, whilst your competitors are using beige envelopes, you could be selling yourself with mailers. With your design, logo, information and all the details you need to give yourself that edge on the market!
wallet printing sample mailers Good service starts with the marketing materials, and here at Kingfisher Press, you can send brochures, flyers, sample materials, products or whatever your service requires in these mailer boxes which allow easy inclusion of product but also fit through the letter box.

By fitting through the clients letterbox, you’re making choosing your company, an easy choice! You can see how effective it is, with these Multiyork mailers.

We can also create carton boxes for your products be it for games, clothing, household items – the list is endless.

To find out how we can make your mailer ideas or carton box prints come to life contact us now!

Pantone Colours – whats in a colour?


Pantone colour matching is a standardized colour repro system. In print, we mostly use CMYK but are often asked for a specific pantone colour for a logo or brand consistency. It ensures that no matter what you are printing with or on – the colour will remain consistent and controlled.

Most of pantones 1,114 spot colours cannot be made using CMYK references, but can be made using 15 base colours, including black and white, mixed to specific amounts.

Using special equipment we mix all inks in house, although some which contain multiple base colours we do purchase to ensure that the colour is exactly as the PMS reference.

Annually Pantone declares a colour of the year – for 2013 its Emerald Pantone 17-5641, 2014 was Radiant Orchid Pantone 17-5641 and 2015 was Marsala Pantone 18-1438

In 2016 there are two which are ROSE QUARTZ 13-1520 & SERENITY 15-3919

To find out more about the pantone colour of the year click here.

Whats the difference between lamination and encapsulation?


Lamination and encapsulation are two very similar processes that essentially do similar jobs but have different purposes.
what is the difference between encapsulation and laminationLamination: Lamaniating your print is using a thin sheet of clear plastic on either one or both sides of your print. It helps protect from handling damage and prevents any smudging, most prints are dry ink but it keeps the issue at bay. It helps keep a protective layer on your print for heavy use too. It is commonly used for outer covers or corporate prints. Ideal for any office materials and marketing items.

Encapsulation: Encapsulation is using a sheet of clear plastic again but you can choose the range of thickness or grades applied to both sides of your print. It extends beyond the print by around 5-10mm sealing the paper within the sheet of plastic. Almost like a cover! It is more protective than laminate and is waterproof. You’ll usually find encapsulation for items like ID badges, or menus – any environment where you want to ensure long lasting prints with the ability to wipe clean too.

If theres a particular print you’d like laminated or encapsulated, let us know and contact us for more infomation about how we can bring your print to life!


Foil Blocking – Add a touch bling to your brochures!!

Diffused Silver Foil Blocking

Looking  to add that classy touch to your brochures?

Consider diffused silver Foil Blocking, something we dont use all that often but this fabulous finish gives a pearlescent look to the project making the front cover really stand out.

As the foil blocking catches the light it gives a beautiful rainbow prism effect of colour and really enhances the quality of the brochure. The picture doesn’t do it justice but you can see the spectrum of colours that catches the light – if  you would like a real sample please contact us now.

As well as being in Silver and Gold, Foil Blocking can be applied in almost any colour including red, green, purple and pink. You can also have a holographic and 3D effect.

To find out more about foil blocking and see what’s available please email us now.