Stencils for indoor and outdoor – pencil and paint !

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Something different in Wide Format – Bespoke Plastic StencilsIMG_3069

We have recently produced these bespoke stencils for national company, Anglian Home Improvements.

The stencils are made from 800 micron clear plastic, printed with the company logo on our Jetrix wideformat flatbed printer.

The plastic is then laser cut to provide the detail for the stencil effect. Laser cutting is used in all manner of promotional and marketing projects and provides intricate detail with precision.

We also supplied paint stencils for another local company. The lettering has been laser cut out of the material which is a combination of aluminium and plastic.

Magnets are then attached to the back of the boards allowing them to be fixed to the side of any metal container and then sprayed leaving their message loud and clear !

Do you use stencils? Want to find out more? Contact us now.

Etched effect glass windows and signs – wide format print

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etched_smallOur Jetrix wide format printer is such a versatile piece of equipment. The latest project we have produced gives the effect of etched glass. 

We produced a reversed out glass sign for Chris Witham of LucidSynergy Ltd which looks just like real etched glass. Its so easy, the press takes it all in its stride and the finished result is excellent.

The photograph doesn’t really do it justice – the frosted look is actually printed direct on to the glass – rather than using a film or sticker and it looks great !!

If you want to brighten up your window or have a beautifully detailed corporate sign in your reception then give us a call.

Personalised print with soft touch lamination

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IMG_3024We recently worked with a local car dealership Carrs MINI on a personalised mailer promoting their range of cars using a targeted mailing campaign.

The mailer was printed on a 300gsm satin stock and soft touch laminated which gives a fabulous smooth effect.

The card was personalised using variable data print on the digital press, which allows each card to be printed with the recipients name and address ready to pop straight in the post.

Variable data print, which harnesses the power of your database, is a great way of hitting your targeted audience. Not only can you personalise names and addresses but relevant text and images, as long as they are present in your spreadsheet you can add them to your mailer!

We all receive personalised mailings from major supermarkets and retailers with details or our points earned or special deals attractive to our household and spending patterns. This is all produced using variable data print.

Digital print allows you to mix print and data efficiently and effectively giving your promotional mailer campaigns a greater chance of success.

Want to find out more about personalised print? Contact us now.

Support Recycle- why not use this simple logo

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recycle now WhiteWhy not use this recycle logo on your artwork – as long as you don’t have any special finishes such as lamination or spot UV you can add this statement on letterheads, envelopes, leaflets and booklets and the paper can be widely recycled.

I just reminds everyone that we can recycle the printed word so that it can be used again to say something different in the future.

You can download this small logo which gives a big message from our website now or check out our green room for more information on recycled and carbon balanced stocks.

Translucent Print with Quality Feel & Texture

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translucent_imageTranslucent print is not something we do all that often here at Kingfisher Press but we have just produced one of the best examples we have seen for a long time.

We printed this beautiful brochure for a local furniture manufacturer using a paper called X-PER which, according to the manufacturers website, is produced with a special surface coating treatment designed to retain the pleasant tactile feel of an uncoated paper. This special surface allows particularly bright and sharp images with a resultant quality feel and texture.

Not only are the brochure and the images very pleasing on the eye but it also features a beautifully illustrated translucent page at the beginning and end of the booklet.  This artistic touch enhances the feel of this premium brochure and really brings it to life.

All printed and finished in house it was a pleasure to produce such a fine example print for this prestigious sofa and interior furnishings company.

Get your blister packs printed here !!

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proboat1We have just produced these great little blister packs here at Kingfisher Press. Newmarket design agency, Dowie + Co, designed the range of blister pack cards for Essex based Marine Equipment Suppliers, Proboat.

The blister cards, designed along with the latest Proboat price list, were produced on 605 micron board with a perforation to allow the customer to snap out the contents from the back.

Do you use blister packs in your packaging range? Contact us now for more information.

2015 Carbon Balanced Paper & Print from Kingfisher Press

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Kingfisher Press - Cert2015-

Kingfisher Press Ltd has just renewed its Carbon Balanced Printer Status again for the 3rd year running. We are delighted to be supporting the World Land Trust by being part of this invaluable project. So what is Carbon Balanced Print and why should you be part of this environmental project?

Why would you not Carbon Balance your print?

  • Most of the time there is little or no cost involved to the end user
  • It supports and promotes green and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, carbon management programmes and sustainability
  • It adds value to your offering to your clients and yet often costs you nothing
  • You receive a certificate at the end of the year showing the Carbon Saved and Land Preserved – great for PR and Marketing
  • You don’t have to do anything – just tell us you want your project carbon balanced – we will do the rest
  • You help the World Land Trust preserve endangered habitats

Carbon Balancing – what is it?

Carbon offsetting (balancing) is a process whereby an individual or company takes action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, or secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, of an amount that matches or exceeds their own unavoidable emissions. Source WLT Website 2013.

Carbon balanced paper is where the carbon impact of a paper product has been estimated and balanced. In using a balanced paper you will be helping the World Land Trust preserve endangered rainforests and habitats.

As a Carbon Balanced Publication printer we have mapped our operational carbon footprint to defined boundaries and it has been verified by the ECCM and we have offset these impacts with the World Land Trust allowing us to Carbon Balance the entire project, not just the paper. Click here to view the Kingfisher Case Study.

What’s the benefit?

The value is in handing your client a certificate at the end of the year that states in using, for example,  revive 100 (which is 100% recycled stock) for their printed projects throughout the year, they could have saved XX kgs of carbon and helped the World Land Trust preserve XX square metres of endangered rainforest.

We provide a certificate which can be used for PR and Marketing, blogging, tweeting and websites. Its a fabulous way to promote and support green and CSR policies and in most cases it costs you and your client virtually nothing!

Kingfisher Press will register the job for you, provide a logo for you to use if you wish, and provide the facts and figures for your PR along with a certificate at the end of year.

Contact us now for more information.


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