Dibond signage and display material


If you’re looking to create a thick board be it for display signs, construction site signage, signage for your business or a lightweight alternative to your current signs then consider Dibond for your next print.

Dibond is a light but very rigid aluminium material that has a polyethene core and has a thickness of 0.3mm.

dibond signage printing material

The aluminium made material has great advantages, it is an ideal printing material due to its super-polyester lacquer for the screen printer as well as digital printing. It has UV resistance which makes it an ideal outdoor material and keeps fading of your print at bay. It is perfectly flat and rigid despite its weight and can withstand any condition with its high-quality stability.

Not only does it have UV resistance but it can withstand temperatures of -50 to 80C and minor thermal expansion. It’s the ideal material for ANY condition and would be perfect for those high exposure spots you want to cover.

At Kingfisher, we like to maintain eco values so we are pleased to say it is an environmentally friendly material and is fully recyclable too.

Consider Dibond for your next outdoor or indoor print to get that exclusive high wear and resistant material. Find out more at www.kingfisher-xl.com.


Book Binding and Printing


We know how difficult it can be to write a book, create a novel or write a publication, that’s the hard part. We make sure that the final part which show cases your work is an easy process.

Here at Kingfisher we love being able to put your creations into beautifully binded and printing books.
book printing binding in suffolk printers

Whether its wiro binding, comb binding or soft spine we can print and bind in house for you! We recently printed these books for Waveney Reflections which when opened lays flat and is perfect for the beautiful pictures and illustrations inside.

To find out more visit kingfisher-press.com and contact us now to find out how we can print your next publication!

Bangtail Envelopes for Mailers


If you’re a charity, fundraising group or looking for a way to gain a response from your mailers then consider getting bangtail envelopes printed with us here at Kingfisher Press. Our machines¬†can print digitally and in litho to create these tear off envelopes that mean you can get forms, donations and sign-ups with ease.

charity mailers bangtail envelopes

For charities, these can also include gift aid which ensures your donation gets additional money from the government which is easy to do by filling in a simple form just like the one above.

If you’re looking to print mailers or these envelopes then get in touch with us and find out more at www.kingfisher-press.com.

Printing and Posting to Multi Addresses


Check out this impressive crate of mailers to be sent over-seas and to UK addresses. Whether you have mailer cards or larger prints such as calanders, posters, books or banners you can have them made to be sent overseas or the UK with multi address systems.

sending to multi addresses throughout uk and overseasOver the years we’ve had personalised mailers that can be tailored to have specific names or specifications on so you can send out the perfect promotion or product to have that personal touch.

If you’re thinking about creating personalised mailers or have any over-seas’s requests, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!

Die Cut your way to a unique print


Not all prints need to be square or A4, some of the most memorable items you’ve probably received as a client, customer or through the post have been die cut to make a unique shape to a print.

Die cutting is not only using the external shape but also internal so you can cut out sections to create a work of art!

die-cutDie cutting is great for medium length runs and can be perfect for flyers, cards, door hangers, labels, marketing tools, table displays and so much more!

Anything you’d like to print as its shape be it a food item, car, flower, anthing, can easily be cut with precision to create a print like the gorgeous card and rose as above!

If you’d like to look at getting your next print die cut,¬† contact us now to find out how we can help create a print that will impress!