Printing possibilities are endless – Blackboards

•October 8, 2015 • Comments Off on Printing possibilities are endless – Blackboards

If you thought printing was just on paper, you’re wrong! At Kingfisher we’re known for making the seemingly impossible, possible and we can create all kinds of prints! Yes, we print on papers, card, wood, glass and YES even water! It is all possible, and we most recently printed on blackboards too!


Bringing the old classroom favourite into restaurants and businesses we can create anything you need be it promotional or for use of ordering, display or menus!

We recently made this menu style board up, perfect at showcasing what’s on offer! By printing on these boards you’re able to maintain your name and logo consistently but able to draw with chalks which adds a fun addition to any business!

To add chalkboards to your business give us a call or contact us now for more information!

Use wood to match your theme!

•October 1, 2015 • Comments Off on Use wood to match your theme!

The woodland trust are one of Kingfisher’s good friends and a few months ago we made this sign for their First World War Centenary Woods campaign which intends to replant trees in woods dedicated for to WW1.


It wouldn’t be more fitting to use a wooden sign for when in the woods! Not only is it a durable material to keep outdoors, it is the perfect material to keep in with the theme.

We can print on any material to match your occasion, printing on wood couldn’t be simpler too, so send your requirements over to us to discuss your needs!


Any size, any requirement, canvas prints!

•September 29, 2015 • Comments Off on Any size, any requirement, canvas prints!

Do you have a reception space that is in need of artwork? Do you have a photo you’d just love to have in your home? Here at Kingfisher our XL team can create one-off canvas images in any shape or style you need!

canvas printing uk suffolk printers bury st edmunds kingfisher press xl large canvas any size requirements

Just like this canvas, we can have your image stretched across multiple canvases to create a fun artwork, or you can have one square/rectangle image. No matter the specifications we can print on it and we’re always after a challenge!

Our XL team not only create canvases but big images and prints! We can print up to 1.5m x 3m so we can do things on an industrial scale, outdoors or indoors!

Contact us now to tell us your requirements!

Brochure prints and unique designs

•September 22, 2015 • Comments Off on Brochure prints and unique designs

A brochure is often the item someone will take away with them and retain for future use, this ensures your reader is able to refer back to you.  At Kingfisher press we’re able to create your product with that idea in mind, we can create your brochure to fit your exact specifications and ideas to create a brochure that says who you are and what you have to offer.translucent_image

Earlier this year we created a very unique brochure that held a unique paper called X-Per which creates the look of translucent paper with the feel of an uncoated paper. It retains the bright and sharp images on the high quality paper which gives an aesthetically pleasing product. This provides a real premium product and if you’re looking to provide the same reflection in your materials then this is ideal for you.

We create brochures for all occasions, we’ve even provided for the World Land Trust as part of their exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show, the perfect item to provide more information on the brand as visitors look round at the event.

We also produce notebooks, flyers, posters and banners so whatever your printing needs, contact us now for samples and we will help advise on your ideas!

Point of sale and marketing solutions!

•September 16, 2015 • Comments Off on Point of sale and marketing solutions!

Got a product you want to put straight on the shelf to sell? Want to market your services on table tops or reception areas? We have just the solution. Here at Kingfisher we pride ourselves in our ability to create your packaging cartons and boxes for your items.


We are able to create a diverse range of point of sale items including but not limited to:

-Presentation boxes

-Display Packaging

-Sleeve and Pillow Packs

-Tent Cards

-Ceramics Retail Packaging

-Medicines, Health and Well Being Packaging

-IT and Computer Accessories

We print on up to 0.8mm thick materials with integral seal and offer a variety of finishes including matt and gloss aqueous seal. We are able to provide samples for you to see what we offer!

You can see how effective these are especially on table tops or in reception and entrance areas!

Please get in contact if you would like samples or to discuss your packaging or carton needs!

Economical luxury finish with Drip off

•September 11, 2015 • Comments Off on Economical luxury finish with Drip off

At Kingfisher we’re constantly looking for ways to become a more economical company, in the development of new processes a cost effective option is available to create a luxury ‘green’ alternative to Spot UV finishes.

Whilst Spot UV is a great option for creating a shiny varnished finish, it is considered an expensive and non-economical choice due to the chemical varnish and UV aspect. Whilst Drip off is not as high a gloss as UV, it is very cost effective and as it is a water based process it creates a great alternative if you’re looking to create a visually similar effect on your prints.

The perfect finish for large runs for matt or gloss effects, add your special touch to your prints by using the Drip Off finish. Perfect for brochures, posters or large print runs, it’s a product we love to make here at Kingfisher!


Go BIG with our XL Banners

•September 7, 2015 • Comments Off on Go BIG with our XL Banners

Getting your name or product heard is one thing, having it seen is another. At Kingfisher our XL team can make you stand out from the crowd with large banners and signage that is provided in the highest level of quality, colour and finish to suit any needs.   kingfisher-press_28

Our roll fed Mimaki machine allows us to exceed your expectations and print on almost any length with up to 50 metres without a join and 1.34 metres wide.  We offer eyelets and accessories to assist the construction of your banners to ensure you have the best quality and performance from your banner.

Banners are the ideal way to attract at shows, exhibitions and events and can be used indoors and outdoors using our A Frame stands!


If you are interested in getting your banners printed BIG with us, contact us now.


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