The Paper Making Process!


We use tons of paper each day without realising and here at Kingfisher we have paper whooshing through our print presses constantly. Have you ever stopped to think how paper is made? The guys at Sappi have created an information video on the full paper making process and its definitely left us thinking more about where we gain our paper from! We take each sheet for granted, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it!

Give this video a watch, it’s so interesting to know more about what goes into each piece of paper and we’re proud to know each of our prints has its own history too! To find out more about our printing process and our green efforts check out

Paper Size Guide!


Do you know what sizes can be printed on? Most importantly do you know your exact measurements as it will help fit your requirements much more easily if you have it down to the last millimetre!


We have a handy guide for exact paper size measurements to help you with your next print to get your sizes right and since we like to make even the most challenging print we are ready to help you create the smallest or largest design.


A0- 8841mm x 1189 mm
A1- 594mm x 842 mm
A2- 420mm x 594 mm
A3- 297mm x 420 mm
A4- 210mm x 297 mm
A5- 148mm x 210 mm
A6- 105mm x 148 mm
A7- 74mm x 105 mm
A8- 52mm x 72 mm
A9- 37mm x 52 mm
A10- 26mm x 37mm


B0- 1020 mm x 1440 mm
B1- 720 mm x 1020 mm
B2- 520 mm x 720 mm


C2-444 mm x 625 mm
C3- 457 mm x 324 mm
C4- 229 mm x 324 mm
(C4, Takes A4 Unfolded)
C5- 162 mm  x 229 mm
C6- 114 mm x 162 mm

DL 110 mm x 220 mm

If you want to find out more about how we can print your designs in a variety of sizes do get in contact with us to discuss your prints!

Etched Effect Printing for Glass



There are some really unique prints and products that come off our printing press, and our etched effect print on glass is one of them. This Southside print is really unique and creates an interesting look for a window display or office use.
kingfisher press printing printers suffolk bury st edmunds etched glass print effectThe etched effect is actually printed on the glass rather than the glass being the frosted item. It also means there is no sticker effect or chance for it to fade either.

This is just one of the ways in which we can print on glass, we also do colour prints or logos and can create light fittings for glass too.

Let us know how we can help you to produce your glass print!

Winter/Spring Menu Printing


Get prepared for the winter and spring by printing your seasonal menu’s with us. Here at Kingfisher press we often print menus and bar menus full of delicious treats and tempting food.
menu printing printers suffolk marketing promotional food print digital litho kingfisherpress Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, hotel or club we can produce your menu prints easily with folding and high quality with our digital printer. We can laminate and use our specific card stocks to produce long lasting menus than can withstand any circumstances too. If you’re after intricate designs we can also add spot uv and drip off to create individual textures to your prints.


To find out more about what we can do for your seasonal menus then please get in contact now.

Header Cards for all notice and brand needs


We love producing prints that simply fit your needs and requirements. At Kingfisher Press we love getting each requirement perfect as we did with this print.

We produced this using 350gsm board for this header card. We used the colour system Pantone Silver and Pantone Blue to keep the branding and colour consistent. It was laminated to enhance the colour contrast and durability to ensure lasting work.


We can produce various headers or products for heavy duty card for all products be it for pets, carpets, interiors, equine products, food, machinery, you name it we can do it.

If you would like more information on our range of packaging and point of sale print visit our website or click here to email us for samples.350gsm board print pantone print colours